Parent-Child Triathlon

Parent-Child Triathlon Swim, 100 meters, Start Time: 10:30 AM

Flat water ocean swim course protected by UCSB Campus Point (red line shown below)

Out and back swim around the Red Buoy shown below. For safety reasons, parent must swim next to child at all times.

Parent-Child Triathlon Bike, 3 miles (1.5 miles each way)

The  Parent-Child Bike segment exits the beach and follows the recreational bike 1.5 miles and turns around just before Patterson Avenue (do not enter onto Patterson). Riders will make the turnaround and head back to the Transition Area. For safety reasons, parent must ride with their child either directly in front or behind them at all times. No side-by-side riding allowed.

2015 Bike 1

Parent-Child Triathlon Run, 1.25 miles (1 loop)

The Parent-Child Run will follow the recreational path in and around the Park for ONE loop (approx. 1.25 miles). Upon exiting the Transition Area you’ll head east towards Santa Barbara by turning right onto the recreational path. Once on the path, you and your child will proceed east towards the Park entrance turnaround. Once you make the turnaround, you head back (west) and turn right under the 217 Freeway towards the Santa Barbara Airport. Once you reach the turnaround point near the Airport, you will return under the 217 Freeway and head west toward UCSB. There will be a turnaround flag near the westmost Park Boundary that you will make and head back toward the Finish Line.

It is highly recommended that you study the Course Maps & ride the course BEFORE race day!!

Sprint Run Course Map