Long Course, Duathlon, AquaBike, 1-Mile Swim – Description & Maps

SWIM – Long Course Triathlon & AquaBike, 1-Mile Swim (1 mile = 2 loops)

This is a calm water swim course that is protected by UCSB Campus Point. All events (Long Course, AquaBike, and 1-Mile Swim) share the same swim course map below. Each will have to perform 2 loops of the swim course.


Those participants that signed up for the 1-Mile Swim only will start at the water’s edge, but will need to run up the beach and across the Finish Line to receive a Finish Time.

BIKE – Long Course Triathlon/Duathlon/AquaBike, 22 miles (2 loops)

The bike segment exits the beach and follows the recreational bike path. The Long Course bike segment consists of TWO 11-mile loops (22 miles total). Riders will exit the beach and ride along the recreational bike path until they reach Puente Drive where they will turn right and continue up the hill to the turnaround point. Then they will head back toward the beach and take the bike path that runs towards the foothills along the Maria Ygnacio Creek. They will ride under the 101 Freeway and turn right towards the Calle Real turnaround point. Once they make the turn they will head back to the beach and start their next loop.

NOTE: There will be NO Water Stations on the bike course. All participants should carry extra fluids on their bike.

2015 Bike ALL

2015 Bike 1

2015 Bike Patterson

RUN – Long Course Triathlon, 5 miles (4 loops)

The Long Course Run will follow the recreational path in and around the Park and will consist of 4 loops or 5 miles (each loop is approx. 1.25 miles).  There will be a timing mat in place at the start of each loop to insure all runners complete all loops.

Upon exiting the Transition Area, runners will head east towards Santa Barbara by turning right onto the recreational path. Once on the path, proceed east towards the Park entrance turnaround, then head back the same way and turn right under the 217 Freeway towards the Santa Barbara Airport. Runners will the turnaround point near the Airport and will return under the 217 Freeway, then turn right toward the UCSB turnaround near the west-most Park boundary. There is a timing mat at this location which indicates the start of the next loop. Long Course triathletes will need to complete 4 loops before taking the turn that leads to the Finish Line.

RUN – Duathlon, 5 miles (4 loops) plus 2.5 additional miles (2 loops)

The Duathloners will be required to do 4 laps of the run prior to their bike segment and 2 laps afterward their bike ride to finish the race.

It is highly recommended that you study the Course Maps & ride the course BEFORE race day!!

RUN – Long Course Triathlon & Duathlon Map